California Institute Of Technology

Pasadena, California

Environmental Science and Engineering

The ESE graduate program trains doctoral students to solve fundamental problems in environmental science and engineering. The problems cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries and span space scales ranging from global to local. Students are trained to acquire a broad base of knowledge of environmental systems, including the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere. They deepen their knowledge in one or more focus areas, culminating in research leading to a Ph.D. thesis. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of research in the ESE program, the program unites faculty from the Divisions of Geological and Planetary Sciences, Engineering and Applied Science, and Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Students enrolled in the Ph.D. program may be awarded a master’s degree if they have satisfied the Institute requirement of 135 units of work in courses numbered 100 or higher. These courses must satisfy the course requirements of the ESE Ph.D. program.

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