Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Cambridge, Massachusetts

The graduate program within the Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Division at M.I.T. offers educational and research opportunities encompassing a broad spectrum of interests within three interrelated areas: Hydrodynamics and coastal Engineering; Hydrology and Water Resource Systems; and Aquatic Science and Environmental Engineering. The program offers particular opportunities in:

  • Theoretical and experimental studies in the physical processes governing the occurrence, distribution, movement and quality of water in the environment.
  • Engineering and environmental problems associated with energy facilities at onshore and offshore sites.
  • Dynamics of wave and wave-induced currents and their relationship to coastal sediment transport processes. Numerical methods for predicting circulation and dispersion in water bodies.
  • Mathematical modeling and solution techniques for the optimal management of water resource systems and the assessment of environmental impact.
  • Surface and groundwater hydrology from deterministic and stochastic viewpoints.
  • Biology and chemistry of the aquatic environment with emphasis on phytoplankton ecology, trace metal and organic compound aquatic chemistry.

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