New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering

Brooklyn, New York

Graduate study in water resources leading to Master of Science, Engineering and Ph.D. degrees are available in the Department of Civil and Urban Engineering on two campuses of the Institute. On both the Brooklyn and Farmingdale Campuses full-time and part-time graduate students participate in research and instruction in various fields of study including surface and groundwater hydrology, hydraulics, water quality, water and wastewater treatment water resources system analysis and planning, and infrastructure development. The full-time faculty of the Polytechnic, together with adjunct faculty from the metropolitan New York area, are qualified by previous education and experience to guide advanced graduate students in design projects and research theses, and to undertake both independent and funded research Infrastructure development has become a key work for programs to solve problems that are common to water supply and other utility systems. The Department of Civil and Urban Engineering has taken several initiatives in the field of infrastructure studies.

For further information, visit New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering: Masters of Science Environmental Engineering, and Master of Science Environmental Science