University Of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio

Graduate study leading to the M.S. or Ph.D. in water-related areas are offered within the Dept. of Biomedical, Chemical and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Geology. Civil and Environmental Engineering offers instructional and research opportunities in groundwater hydrology, surface water hydrology, hydrometeorology, and environmental systems analysis. Current sponsored research activities include theoretical, numerical and experimental investigations dealing with well head protection, nonpoint source pollution, constructed wetlands, climate change, and in-situ bioremediation. Geology offers a variety of courses in surface and groundwater including a three course graduate sequence in groundwater geology, plus courses in fluvial sedimentology, glacialgeology, geomorphology, geophysical methods and geochemistry of natural waters. Educational and research facilities include a recently refurbished fluid mechanics laboratory, the USEPA National Environmental Research Center, the USEPA Testing and Evaluation Facility, the UC-Quantum Research Facility, the Geology/Physics research building, and the Science and Engineering Research Building.