University Of Montana

Missoula, Montana

The University of Montana offers outstanding opportunities for students interested in careers in the hydrosciences. Bachelor's and Master's programs with hydroscience emphasis are available in the departments of Biological Sciences, Economics, Environmental Studies, Geography, Geosciences and in the School of Forestry. Ph.D. programs are available in all areas except Environmental Studies and Geography. Water-related course work is available in all of these units and in the School of Law. Some 25 full-time faculty are working and teaching in the following areas:


  • Surface Water Hydrology, Chemistry and Biology
  • Hydrogeology and Hydrogeochemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Ecology
  • Economics and Management of Water Resources
  • Public Policy and Planning

Water Use Faculty in the hydrosciences are active researchers and work closely with non-university scientists and land managers at the local and national level. Much of the research is grant-supported and offers funding and experience opportunities to nearly all graduate students and many undergraduates.

The University of Montana Flathead Lake Biological Station at Yellow Bay was custom designed for research into the limnology of artificial and natural lake and stream waters.Flathead Lake Biological Station (FLBS) is a field research and education facility of the University of Montana located at Yellow Bay. FLBS people work on environmental issues worldwide and focus on the limnology of the Flathead River-Lake ecosystem. FLBS academics emphasize field studies of Rocky Mountain biota, landscapes and communities.