December 2015, Issue 156 - Informal Water Education & Public Outreach

Informal Water Education and Public Outreach (full issue PDF)

Using Social Indicators to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Outreach in Two Indiana Watersheds
Rebecca Busse, Jessica D. Ulrich-Schad, Lyn Crighton, Sara Peel, Ken Genskow, Linda Stalker Prokopy
Shari L. Dann and Brandon Schroeder
Sandra Haynes and Thomas V. Cech
Andrew J. Londo, Greg LaBarge, Harold Watters, Steve Culman, Mary Ann Rose, Peggy Hall, Glen Arnold, Sam Custer, Eric Richer, Sarah Noggle, and Chris Penrose
Margaret Schneemann
David P. Shelton, Steven N. Rodie, Kelly A. Feehan, Thomas G. Franti, Katie A. Pekarek, and Bobbie A. Holm
Bryan Swistock, James Clark, Susan Boser, Diane Oleson, Amy Galford, Gary Micsky, and Mark Madden
Lois Wolfson, Ann Lewandowski, Joe Bonnell, Jane Frankenberger, Faye Sleeper, and Jo Latimore


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