Academic Institution Membership


  • A subscription for up to 11 paper copies of the Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education, with its concise analysis of pressing water resources issues
  • Accessibility for all agency staff to the UCOWR website ( that hosts over 50 issues of the Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education.
  • Discount on registration fee for UCOWR’s annual conference for all membership institutions’s faculty, students, and staff
  • Collaboration with leading U.S. researchers, educators, and professionals on water resources
  • Voting rights in UCOWR affairs for up to 8 individual delegates
  Annual 2-Years 3-Years Permanent
Membership rates $450 $850 $1,200 $9,000


Membership is subject to approval by the UCOWR Board of Directors and is based on the July 1 – June 30 fiscal year.

For additional information call Christopher Lant, Exec. Director, UCOWR (618) 453-6020.

Click here for the UCOWR Academic Institutional Membership Application.