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UCOWR Membership Flyer

The Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) is an association of more than 60 member universities, organizations, and individuals leading in education, research and public service in water resources.  What's in it for you?  

  • Access to the Journal of Contemporary Water Resources (JCWRE)

  • Opportunity to publish an article in the Journal (JCWRE)

  • Reduced registration fees at our annual conference held during the summer at inviting locations throughout the U.S.

  • Opportunity to receive a scholarship for a graduate student (from your institution) to attend the WaterSmart Innovations Conference

  • Increased networking opportunities with water resource leaders in academia, government, and business

  • Opportunity to serve as a UCOWR delegate and have a voice in the governance of UCOWR

  • Nominate potential Board members

  • Make nominations for the annual UCOWR Awards

Membership Dues:

  • 1 year:    $450
  • 2 years:  $850
  • 3 years:  $1,200
  • Permanent:  $9,000

Academic Institution Membership Form

Additional benefits from UCOWR membership include:

UCOWR is dedicated to developing new science and preparing leaders and technologies for the use, management, and protection of water resources. UCOWR delegates are advocates for the incorporation of contemporary issues and methodologies in the classroom, research laboratories, and the field. Evolving academic programs in water resources promoted by UCOWR are excellent curriculum models for other interdisciplinary programs.

UCOWR’s officers and member delegates represent the nation’s leading academic professionals dedicated to expanding the knowledge base and training water resources professionals. Each year, graduates of UCOWR member universities constitute the majority of new water resources professionals establishing careers. UCOWR encourages delegates to assume leadership roles within their institutions and supports this through electronic and personal networking services. In addition, the organizational structure of UCOWR provides opportunities for leadership development through participation in committees and on the Board of Directors.

Professional Growth
UCOWR is the only professional organization embracing the entire range of disciplines involved in water resources and serving academic institutions and their faculties. This diversity provides the holistic perspective necessary to solve today’s complex water problems and to train the nation’s future water resources leaders. UCOWR promotes the professional growth of member delegates in order to enhance their impact and effectiveness within the community of water resources professionals. The Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education, a UCOWR publication, presents research to encourage dialog on contemporary water issues to a degree not afforded by other water-related journals. UCOWR’s annual conference provides a forum for exchanges of information in an atmosphere conducive to open discussion and network building among individuals and institutions. The achievements of outstanding water resource professionals are recognized through the UCOWR awards program, including the Warren A. Hall Medal, Ph.D. Dissertation Awards, and the Education and Public Service Award.

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