Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education - University Council on Water Resources

The Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education (formerly Water Resources Update) is the principle publication of UCOWR. JCWRE is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to disseminating original work in water research, policy, education, and extension. The journal is published both on paper and in electronic form on Wiley-Blackwell’s Synergy website ( where it can be downloaded by researchers, educators, and policy-makers around the world. JCWRE identifies topics for two themed issues a year and the issue editor invites authors to write on those topics. The JCWRE summer issue will be an open issue devoted to general submissions beginning in 2016. General submissions sent to Karl Williard (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) will be considered for the July issue. Articles published in JCWRE are widely recognized for their concise clarity and relevance to critical water resources issues and principles.